Living For Something That Goes Beyond Ourselves

Every person was created to doing something unique for the glory of God.  Those who are born again are re-created to do something unique for the glory of God.  This purpose can only be fulfilled when we live a transcendent life … one that is above and beyond the range of human experiences.  A transcendent life lived for more than a life that revolves around self.  It is a life that lives redemptively in every situation, location, and relationship.

This purpose requires that we and those we impact be able to answer three basic questions of life:

1. Who are you?                    IDENTITY 

 2. Why are you here?           PURPOSE

3. Where are you going?     VISION

  • Our motivation is to bring Jesus Christ to the nation of Uganda and see His Kingdom (relational rule and reign) and will come on earth as it is in Heaven.  We desire to change Uganda one person at a time through Christ.
  • Our strategy is to help the next generation of Ugandans birth and sustain a Kingdom culture of integrity, respect, and stewardship of the resources God has given their nation. This strategy will result in the creation of new jobs, schools, ministries, businesses, and the transformation of entire communities.  These results will be the consequence of individuals discovering their identity, purpose, and vision.
  • Our passion is to see the pervasive mindsets of an orphan spirit and slave mentality in so many Ugandans be replaced by a biblical identity and the realization of a powerful, prosperous, and fulfilling destiny.
  • Our method is to encourage, equip, empower and release the next generation of the nation to become change agents who will erase the destructive values of past generations and to implement a new identity, purpose and strategy for development of their nation.

The biblical term that encapsulates the reason we live is discipleship. We believe that we are called to disciple the nations. (Matthew 28:18-20) Discipleship is not limited to instruction in the doctrines of the Bible, but also includes coaching and mentoring these young people on how to live successfully as God intended. Disciples need the living example of people who have incarnated the truth of God and not just learned and stored doctrines in their minds. We believe that disciples are made one at a time and that they are discipled through relationships. We believe that the task of discipleship is not complete until the disciple is also making disciples.

Our Directors (Paul & Pam Hunter) attempt to spend as much time in Uganda as possible in order to help extract destructive mindsets and deposit seeds of truth that will empower those with whom we have privilege to work.  There work can basically be described as spiritual mother and father.