Sylvia Subo – Administrator

Next Generations Ministries has existed in Uganda since 2005.  We are a much different organization today than we were in our beginning.  NGM has not lost connection with our roots … relationships first as we love God and people … but the size and scope of our influence has increased over the years.  Consequently, the organization moved beyond the limits of the Hunters and required a full time administrator.  Claire Mirembe joined the work force in early 2016, but later won a scholarship to Uganda Christian University where she is currently working toward her degree.

Sylvia Subo left a secure and favored position with a prominent NGO in Jinja to join the NGM Staff as Administrator in the Fall of 2017.  She has proven to be a gift from God as she has set systems, structures, protocols, and principles of operation in place.

Sylvia has a warm heart, is tender, but strong, and a beautiful single lady.

Susan Nasuuna – NGM Medical Manager

The medical operation of NGM has increased over the past five years to the extent that a full time medical manager was needed.  A few generous donors contributed to Susan’s salary account because the recognized the need and the qualification of Susan.  Susan believes her work is a calling and not simply a vocation.

Susan organizes all the groundwork for short term medical missions … gathering credentials, filing legal documents with the District Health Office and Uganda Ministry of Health, structuring itineraries, following up patients for treatment and surgeries, maintaining long term wound care.  Her compassion and commitment to love people is graciously expressed in the care she has for every individual who benefits from the care of NGM Medical.

Susan is married and she and her husband share four amazing daughters.  Susan’s hospitality has welcomed several individuals, with whom NGM has worked, into her home and cared for them.

You can read about much of her needed work and ministry on the NGM Medical Facebook page HERE.

Timothy Bitaroho Troy – IT and Media

It has become more and more necessary for us to communicate with our friends and supporters on the other side of the world through media.

Timothy Bitaroho has been doing media work for NGM for just over a year as a receptionist/ Admin Assistant.  On April 1, 2019, Timothy became a full time employee.

Every other department depends on Media for a variety of challenges they face.  The Medical, Sponsorship, One Step, and NGM Fundraising all want Media guy to capture the great stories the emerge from the work their department is doing.

Please welcome Timothy to the NGM TEAM and enjoy the work  … some of it already posted on this website.

Melody Oundo – Sponsorship Coordinator

Melody Oundo is even a more recent employee of Next Generation Ministries.  She was among 7 candidates for the position of full time Coordinator in early 2018.

Melody has been on a steep learning curve as she became acquainted with all the donors, sponsored students, NGM staff, as well as the core values of Next Generation Ministries.

Melody seems to be a perfect fit with the rest of the team.  She is good a manager of her time and relationships in addition to her inspiring work ethic.  Melody is currently single.

With great gratitude we welcome Melody to the TEAM NGM!

Meddie Luyonde – Transportation Manager

Meddie is actually one of the great stories of NGM.  Meddie is a nickname for Muhammad, which means there must be a story behind the heart he carries for Next Generation Ministries … an organization that loves Jesus and works to connect people to Him.

Meddie has evolved from a timid man who was simply content to drive and maintain the vehicles for NGM into a passionate son of God who loves Jesus and loves to share his love with others.

Meddie and his wife of 26 years have six children and live across the River Nile.

Jerome Magumu – Bugembe Property Gardener

Jerome is the husband of Olivia, the housekeeper of the Hunter’s  compound in Jinja.  He and Olivia live in the Boy’s House on the Bugembe Property where Jerome is the gardener for that compound.

Jerome works as a part time employee of Next Generation Ministries and loves his work. Jerome and Olivia have four children and recently consecrated their union in sacred matrimony.



Yasin Kitanda – Gardener

Yasin is a part time employee of Next Generation ministries.  He has been keeping the compound for Mama Pamela over the past several years.  He is also a student in the weekend program at Makere University where he is majoring in Business Management.Yasin is a quiet and humble young man who is single.




Olivia Kirabo – House Keeper

Olivia Nakato has been working part time for Next Generation Ministries for over seven years.  Her work schedule is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings as she keeps the main and boy’s house for Paul and Pam Hunter.

When NGM host a short term mission team, Olivia works every day to keep the quarters clean and inviting for those who come to serve the Lord alongside Next Generation Minisries.

Olivia was the first to know Jesus in her family, but many of them have come to know Him since she brought Him home to her immediate and extended family.

Though she loves to name her children with name that begin with “P”, and there are so many of them, she has decided that having Precious, Praise, Pamela, and Paul is enough for her. Her children are keeping the NGM goat and have named the goat Kirabo which means Gift.

Alice Kabonge – NGM Farm Manager

Alice loves farming.  She study agriculture in the United Kingdom for two years and has put her education to practice on her own farm and two others where she serves as a consultant and manager.

Next Generation Ministries feels fortunate to have Alice manage their tree farm.  There are nearly 1,000 eucalyptus trees on the less than the two acres of land on the farm.  These trees are being grown for power poles for the national utility and will be harvest in less than five years.

Alice has brought vision and employment to many of the village ladies and their children.  She keeps calm and know how to manage the works in addition to the skill of growing the trees she loves so much.

Alice is a single lady as well.

Esther Fortunate Mulungi – One Step Manager

Esther joined the team in March 2019 to manage One Step and has so far conducted a successful season of the course

Esther is very passionate about young people. She is constantly looking for ways to help young adults become better versions of themselves in every way possible. She hosts a youth group at her house weekly where young people from her church gather to share their struggles, achivements and weaknesses. They also share together in the word and pray together.

Esther is committed to the goal of making every person a great disciple of Jesus Christ and currently has a goal of making 10,000 disciples. With a target group of young people, One Step is an ideal spacce for her dreams which she operates diligently