Encourage … Equip … Empower … Release

Next Generation Ministries is NOT an event, a project, a system, or a program. As you can see from this website, NGM has six operations.  But, the fundamental activities revolve around people, not the projects.  The very heart of this work has  always given birth to a passion to see people, love people, know people, encourage people, equip people, empower people, and release these people in their God-given destiny.  There is no governmental flowchart that ties the people together.  The relationships are voluntary.  Even the operations are simply vehicles which provide venues for these relational dynamics.

Love People

Life is all about people.  God is in the business of people.  NGM is all about God’s business.  Before the beginning, in advance of time, God intended to have a family comprised of sons and daughters who were created in His image and likeness.  (Ephesians 1:4-5)  When God’s enemy, Satan, separated the first two children from their Father they, and all of those who followed them, became orphans.

NGM intends to bring Jesus, the Firstborn Son, to as many spiritual orphans as possible so that they can be reconciled to the Father’s Eternal Family.  Orphans have no sense of belonging, origin, identity, purpose, or vision.  NGM has found that what matters to the people of Uganda is not “who is right” (in contrast to Western values),  but “who is more powerful.”  The spiritual heritage of the nation is witchcraft which makes this the ultimate question.  Who has more power?  Demons or Jesus.  NGM believes it is Jesus.  NGM believes that the bridge into people’s lives is love.  We attempt to see people, love people, and bring Jesus to those people.

This is how we evangelize.

Mentor World Changers

Each person is created to do something significant in the world that no one else can do.  Our lives were always intended to make a difference.  Our Father wants us to think big and live large.  He has placed spiritual mentors/coaches/ in the lives of young sons and daughters to encourage, equip, empower, and release them into their God-given destiny.

We love many, but we can only mentor a few whom God places under our care and stewardship.  Many love to call us papa and mama, terms of honor within the African culture, but most are not comfortable with the relationship necessary for spiritual fathering and mothering.  So, mentoring takes place on various levels of intensity.  Some want or receive little.  Others want all they can get.  A few literally take us to be their family, most of whom have don’t have parents or only had parents who neglected or abused them.

Uganda is a fatherless nation.  It is remarkable the accelerated progress a member of the next generation can make when they have a father who believes in them, sacrifices for them, and is willing to fight for them.

This is how we make disciples … generally and specifically.

Make Disciple Makers

The Hunters believe that an experience in a third world nation will broaden, change, and develop the worldview of Americans. They have hosted groups of every age in their Ugandan compound. Although large enough to host 10 people comfortably, they welcome couples and individuals as well.  Some stays are limited to five days while others have been for several months.  If you, or someone you know, may be interested in a short term experience in Africa, please read on.

Many high school and college/university graduates have considered living in an third world nation.  The Hunters offer mentoring to these young adults from anywhere between one month to six months.  This is not an academic process, but rather simply living life, day in and day out, with the Hunters.  If you, ore someone you know many be interested in being mentored by Paul and Pam they should connect with them through the contact page.  References from previous mentees are available upon request.

Host Short Term Missionaries in Uganda … “You Will Never Remain the Same”

“Paul and Pam Hunter and Next Generation Ministries provide a great opportunity to be exposed to the cultures, ministry opportunities, love, need, and extreme promise that is so abundant in Uganda. They provide a way to preach the gospel, encourage the downtrodden and minister to the orphans and widows without furthering the victim mentality, but instead empowering the youth of Uganda. If you take a trip with Next Generation, your life will be changed!” –  Nikki Zyp, former Missions Director, Timber Valley Church

After influencing high school, college, and young adults of America for several decades, as teachers, mentors, and spiritual advisers, Paul and Pam Hunter offer to host you or a small group for a cross cultural short term mission in the country of Uganda, East Africa.

They offer to help you organize, lead, participate or influence a group of  students, young adults, middle aged and retired adults, in Jinja, Uganda for a life changing experience.

This short term mission will require each traveler to pay for their own airfare plus a daily expense while in the country. The ministry base in Jinja will provide all of your requirements for living while in Uganda.  If a teenager comes to Uganda for mentoring they must have the permission and blessing of  at least one parent or guardian for the duration of the trip. Meals, housing, and transportation are available in any combination that fits the vision and needs of each group. Contact Paul and/or Pam at nextgenminug@gmail.com and pamjhunter@gmail.com.

The short or longer term experience in Uganda will provide everyday encounters with the country and culture formal and informal influence by Paul and Pam through the day.. Cross cultural experiences may include:

    • Schools
    • Children’s and/or General hospital
    • Health Clinics and AIDS Information Center
    • Exposure to life in a third world nation by visits to the slums, markets, and ghettos
    • Children’s Home and/or orphanages
    • Encounters with political, spiritual, and business leaders
    • A day with a Kingdom oriented business man existing in a developing nation
    • Visit to one of the local prisons
    • One or two Sundays experiencing a church … African style
    • Introduction to nationals with opportunity for relationships with them
    • A day of rest and refreshment at popular tourist sites and shopping for African memorabilia

There will be both corporate and individual attention given to each person making their trip to Africa. Evaluating and debriefing sessions will be conducted along the way.  Written evaluations and reports are available upon request.

Paul and Pam, along with others under their supervision, will be the overseers of these excursions. References for the Hunters are available upon request.

Please contact us by e-mail, letter, or phone  using the information on the Contact Us page. We suggest that college and high school groups consider coming over Christmas or Spring Break perhaps with a few days before and after, but application for anytime during a year is acceptable. Time of year will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. An orientation info packet will be made available for each team leader.  Arrangements for the short term experience should be made with Pam in preparation for this cross cultural experience.

Travel agent references are also available upon request.