Dergun lost his father at the age of 8. His mother was a house wife and his father provided all the home needs. Dergun’s father was a wealthy man, the home often had servants and his mother did not need to have a job. Dergun’s father did not disclose to his wife where he had the different properties of the family. The houses that he constructed were taken by her co-wives. The car that was left for her was also taken by her brother-in-law. Dergun’s mother also had to leave the government house and rent elsewhere because it had been appointed to someone else.  She had no inheritance from her husband by the time she moved to Jinja with Dergun and his siblings. She rented a small room and stayed there with Dergun and his 2 older siblings. She then got a job to cook in a restaurant in Jinja town. When she left the restaurant, she got a job as a cook with Next Generation Ministries Uganda where she is working to date. She was helped by volunteers who came on a short medical mission from America. These volunteers helped her put up a permanent structure in Mafubira where she currently lives.  Dergun’s progress has been slow especially with education due to lack of finances. He had to sit home for a while without school and his mother too was not sure where money for his education would come from. One of the volunteers from North Idaho decided to take care of Dergun’s school fees. He is completed a certificate training at Jinja Vocational Training Institute and has recently enrolled at International University of East Africa for a diploma in Architectural studies.





John is the first born of 3 and lost his father. John together with his sister Gertrude and their mother who has a mental disorder were left in the care of a friend named Mwambala Winfred, a friend of John’s grandfather. John’s grandfather gave his daughter and grandchildren away because of his illness and inability to look after them. Winfred then moved to Uganda with her family together with John, his sister and mother and settled in Mbulamuti Kamuli District. John’s mother then got married to someone else in the community who was not willing to take care of her children. Their mother returned them to the custody of Winfred. John’s mother has frequent attacks of mental illness and is sometimes not in her rightful state of mind. Winfred is now the grandmother of John and his sister and is looking after them. John and his sister were in a foster home in Kamuli when Next Generation Ministries found a sponsor for their education. John, now 9 yrs old is in Top class at Fountain of Hope Bukeeka.





Paul is the first born of 5. He last saw his father at the age of 10. Paul’s father left for Dolwe Island in Namayingo district in search for money to cater for his family. He found work to do on the Island selling second hand clothes. Paul’s father sent financial help to his family for a while. After a long time of not receiving money, Paul’s mother began to hear that her husband had met someone else and was spending all the money on the lady he met on the island. She made an effort to confirm what she had heard which she actually found to be true and that her husband was HIV positive as well. Paul’s mother then decided to put her husband in the past and care for the children alone. Pauls’ father desired to come back to his family but she did not accept him back for fear of catching HIV too. She has since then taken care of Paul and his siblings. Seeing the children through school has been a challenge for her.  Sponsors came through for Paul’s studies when they visited one of his sisters who were not able to walk. It was during that time that the volunteers from United States of America decided to pay school fees for Paul and his siblings. Since he loves farming, Paul joined Bukalasa Agricultural College after senior 4. He has currently completed a certificate in Animal Husbandry and is awaiting gradua