Peninah is the third born of 5. Peninah’s father left for Dolwe Island in Namayingo district in search for money to cater for his family. He found work to do on the Island selling second hand clothes. Peninah’s father sent financial help to his family for a while. After a long time of not receiving money, Peninah’s mother began to hear that her husband had met someone else and was spending all the money on the lady he met on the island. She made an effort to confirm what she had heard which she actually found to be true and that her husband was HIV positive as well. Peninah’s mother then decided to put her husband in the past and care for the children alone. Their father desired to come back to the family but she did not accept him back for fear of catching HIV too. She has since then taken care of the children. Seeing the children through school has been a challenge for her. It was during that time that the volunteers from United States of America decided to pay school fees for Peninah and her siblings after helping to treat her broken leg which had stopped her from walking.  Peninah who is now 18 years is able to walk with crutches and is in senior 2 at Fountain of Hope School Bukeeka.





At the time Jacinta was born, her mother was 17years old and still in high school. Jacinta’s mother sent away from home by her step-mother to go live with her boyfriend. After Jacinta was born, her father did not take responsibility. He abandoned her mother for another woman. Jacinta’s mother never got another opportunity to go back to school. She took Jacinta to Dembe home and left the village to find work in the city. Through the NGM director, Jacinta is now sponsored by Renew church. She is in baby class at Fountain of Hope Junior school.





Namale currently lives with her step-father, Mr. Kalema. She came to live with him after her mother had gotten married to him. Unfortunately, Namale lost her mother two years ago leaving her in the hands of her step- father. Mr. Kalema has since then lived with Namale. The child he had with Namale’s late mother was adopted by a caring couple.  

After the death of Namale’s mother, Namale was taken back to her relatives who did not care about her. She organized herself one day and left the village in search for her step-father. She did not let anybody know where she was going. Mr. Kalema and his step-daughter Namale stayed together till he got another wife who was Namale’s friend. Namale linked her step-father to her friend. She simply requested her step-father to allow are friend take care of him while she is in school. When she got back home for her holidays, her friend had moved into the house. Namale’s step-father and her friend now have a baby together.

However, Namale’s friend, now step-mother left for Oman to work as a casual laborer.  She took the baby to the village since Namale is in a boarding school. Once again it is Namale and her step-father keeping the house.