Rachael lost her father at the age of 2. Her mother then got married to someone else who was not willing to take responsibility for Rachael. Rachael’s mother had no option but to take Rachael to her grandmother in the village in Masaka where Rachael has lived most of her life. Since her step-father did not accept her, Rachael rarely visited her mother. She spent all her time in the village with her grandmother. Rachael’s grandmother took care of her school and all basic needs because her mother did not send financial assistance.  Her grandmother took care and put her through school up to primary 7. Due to lack of finances, Rachael was not able to go to senior 1 at the right time. She then stayed in the village with no hope of attending school again. One of the children that had been helped have an education by the NGM directors, found a sponsor for Rachael. Rachael is 16 years old and is currently in senior 2 at Fountain of Hope High School.





Samuel is the second born of 3. He has been staying with his maternal grandmother since his parents separated. Samuel’s grandmother reported that both his parents are alive but irresponsible and alcoholic. Samuel was not in school because his grandmother had no finances to see him through education. She also has the responsibility of 11 other orphaned grandchildren. Samuel was doing casual labor to provide some of his personal needs. He was taken to a foster home by a friend of his. Samuel’s grandmother then handed him over after interacting with the owner of the foster home. Samuel has since been able to attend school with the help of a sponsor through Next Generation Ministries. He is 15 years old and currently in primary three at Fountain of Hope Junior School Bukeeka. During the holiday, he now lives with his mother after a feud broke out between his mother and grandmother who (grandmother) threatened kill his mum if she ever set foot again in her home.





Resty has never seen her mother. She passed on when Resty was still an infant. Her father too passed on when she was in primary 3. Since then Resty lived with relatives and due to financial challenges, she stopped school in senior 2. After a few years of staying home without attending school, Resty decided to get married. However, she stayed with a very strong desire to attend school. Unfortunately, her husband too was not able to sustain her in school. Through the relationship between the NGM director and her husband, Resty got sponsorship for her education. Resty (29), is currently at Kangulumira Teachers Training College and training as a nursery school teacher.