Not long after the directors of Next Generation Ministries started living and working in Uganda, they recognized the benefit of hosting short term missionaries.  Of course there is some disagreement about the effectiveness of short term missionaries, but the advantages, in our experience, greatly outweigh the disadvantages.

Short term missions are as much for the benefit of the missionaries as for the people of Uganda or any other nation.  Speaking of Uganda, this country has a history of coups, dictators, bloodbaths, corruption, witchcraft, poverty and disease.  When the Gospel of Jesus Christ began to invade the Dark Continent, people began to recognize that God had not forgotten them.  In fact, He was very much aware of them and deeply loved them.

God has chosen people to carry his goodness, grace, and glory to all peoples.  Some are meant to live among those people.  Others are meant to support those who live among those people.  Still others are meant to make short voyages into those people groups.  All are a critical aspects of advancing the rule and reign of Jesus Christ in the lives of those people.

Paul & Pam Hunter, along with the entire Uganda staff, love to host short term missionaries.  Information packets are available for those interested.  Click on the CONTACT US menu at the top of the HOME PAGE and request that that information.

Here is a short video that may encourage you.

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