One Wild & Crazy Guy!

Changing Uganda One Person At A Time

One Wild & Crazy Guy!

You see that guy?  Yeah.  That one … right next to this opening paragraph.

He is crazy … in a GOOD way … about a lot of things.

He is passionate about Jesus, his wife, his kids, his church, his community, exercise and Next Generation Ministries.  People can say they are crazy about a lot of things, but the only way to accuratly observe a person’s values is to watch their behavior.  And when you watch Jeff’s behavior you can verify that he is, in fact, crazy about everyone and everything on that list.

Recently, on June 17th, Jeff turned 39 years old and did a triathlon on behalf of Next Generation Ministries.  He swam 1 mile, biked 32.1 miles, and ran 6.2 miles for a total of 39 plus miles.  The rest of this blog is an open letter, written and submitted by Jeff, to explain why he did such a crazy thing.

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