Though medical options continue to increase, it mostly benefits Ugandans who live near some of the greater population centers. The majority of Ugandans do not who have access to quality medical care and compassion. The villages often have inadequately trained medical professionals and most villagers have no financial resources to access them.

Next Generation Ministries embraces this great need among the vulnerable and poor. NGM will normally host two medical team from America annually. These teams bring competent, caring support and medical personnel. These short term missions (2 weeks) literally treat hundreds and even thousands of Ugandans with free medical clinics and followup services.

Over the past half dozen years, not only have thousands of nationals in Uganda benefited from free medical diagnosis, treatment, and surgeries, but lives have literally been saved.  This operation of NGM builds and maintains a relational bridge to carry the love of Jesus Christ to hundreds of hurting, desperate people with unanswered questions concerning their health needs.

2018 saw a full time nurse and midwife join the salaried staff on a full time basis. Susan Nasuuna serves NGM as the medical manager.  Susan’s management of the medical needs (wound care, surgeries, and financial assistance) requires regular and ongoing donations. You can donate online from this website in the upper right hand corner or write and mail a check to NGM, 29940 South Dhooghe Road, Colton, OR 97017.  Please designate your contribution for NGM Medical.

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