Loving The One

Changing Uganda One Person At A Time

Loving The One

A young friend of mine had her first book published and released on Amazon last week.  More about that at the end of this blog.  The following sentences were extracted from page 104:

… if we don’t love the single person God has put in front of us, we don’t truly love.  Love is lived out with the real people whom God has sovereignly placed in our lives. Love becomes real by embracing the one.

Why does this mean so much to me?  Because I work with an organization in Uganda whose mission is Changing Uganda One Person At A Time.

C.S. Lewis wrote:

It is easier to be enthusiastic about Humanity with a capital H than it is to love individual men and women, especially those who are uninteresting, exasperating, depraved, or otherwise unattractive.  Loving everybody in general may be an excuse for loving nobody in particular.

This is a  story about loving that one.

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