NGM Education Sponsorship Program

The sponsorship program started in 2016 by the short term missionaries who have been visiting NGM for the last 8 years under the medical mission trips. Besides the medical support given to these communities, some of the short term missionaries on these teams have fallen in love with the vulnerable children when they come to Uganda. They have discovered that 90% of these children do not attend school besides their medical needs. Most of these little ones have lost their parents to HIV/AIDs and other killer diseases and a big percentage of them live with their extended families like, grandparents or kind people in the communities who are also not able to fully provide these children’s basic needs. We believe every single child deserves to be loved, cared for, mentored and discipled as they grow. They can only find all this when they find a family! God has good plans for these little children.

Currently, there are over 40 children given educational support under the care of Next Generation Ministries and there is still a huge demand in this area. Most of these children are between ages 4 and above, each with a unique story. These children are provided with educational support, school supplies and medical care depending on the sponsors’ ability to meet the needs.

We offer different levels of monthly sponsorship; $50, $70, $100 and above though you can sponsor a child at any amount or give a one time gift as the Lord leads your heart.

How you can be a part of these children’s lives;

. Pray for them

. Connecting with your sponsored child (ren)

. Reading books to/with them.

. Write them letters

. Visiting the village home of your child.

. Teaching them hands-on skills like face painting, crotchet, tailoring, etc.

. Mentor/disciple the children

. Playing with them

. Taking them to school

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