Next Generation Ministries is not a business, church, project, event, or system.

Next Generation Ministries is a movement of like minded people; people God has connected to do together what they could never do apart.

Next Generation Ministries has been told repeatedly that they are unlike most NGO, missionary, or organization working in Uganda.  We are simply people loving people.  Focusing on loving people led us to our motto:  Changing Uganda One Person At A Time

On the following pages you will meet many people who make Next Generation Ministries who and what they are.

There is an African saying that goes “If you want to fast, go alone.  But, if you want to far, go together.” Next Generation Ministries is an association of people who want to go far.  On the following pages you learn about

  • Why we live
  • What we do
  • What we have done
  • What others say
  • Where we work
  • Who works for us

Paul & Pam Hunter – Founders & Directors

Paul and Pam Hunter founded Next Generation Ministries, but we are much more than these two who oversee this work.  NGM is an association that is relational rather than governmental.  We are  young people from the nation of Uganda who relate with the Hunters and with each other … in various activities and venues.  We are also short term workers who travel to Uganda from the United States to connect and work with our associates in Uganda.  We are donors who believe in the effort of all the associates.  We are non-Ugandans who stay with the Hunters in Uganda to be mentored and to experience a cross culture in an undeveloped nation.


Next Generation Ministries was founded by Paul and Pam Hunter after 35 years of spiritual leadership in local church ministries in the States. Having discovered that their greatest impact seemed to lie in the influence of the younger generation, to build the Kingdom of God, their primary focus turned in that direction. For a number of years in the 90’s the Hunters gathered dozens of teenagers in their kitchen (for obvious reasons) and their family room for discussions of spiritual things. Paul taught worldview, speech, character and leadership, and spiritual growth classes at a campus high school for 8 years. The Hunters also welcomed many young men and women into their home as residents over the past couple of decades.

After years of love and favor with young adults, the Hunters legally established Next Generation Ministries in both the United States and Uganda.  This work is governed by a Board of Directors in the United States which meets annually for evaluation, focus, and strategy.  The Ugandan Board of Directors is in full operation and functioning effectively.  NGM Uganda is complying with all laws of Uganda.  Systems and protocols are being established as well as six areas of OPERATIONS are established.

Paul and Pam Hunter’s ministry and the work in Uganda is dependent upon contributions of those who desire to share in their vision to encourage, equip, empower and release the next generation.

Board of Directors America

Next Generation Ministries is a registered Not For Profit corporation (501-c-3) in the United States.

  • Jeff Patterson – Pastor/Teacher, ReNew Church, – Oregon City, Oregon
  • Douglas Steiner – Owner, Steiner Agency and Melbourne Properties – Edmonds, Washington
  • Austin Mellinger – Business Owner – Molalla, Oregon
  • Melissa Mellinger – Wife/Mother/Educator – Molalla, Oregon
  • Dawson Hunter – IT & Media Director, Northwest Teen Challenge – Colton, Oregon
  • Anna Hunter – Wife/Mother/Educator – Colton, Oregon
  • Vivian Nguyen – Pharmacist – Sunnyside, Oregon
  • Jethro Smith – Business Owner – Molalla, Oregon
  • Stephanie Smith – Wife/Mother/Educator – Molalla, Oregon
  • Randy Kliewer – Business Owner – Fairview, Oklahoma
  • Betty Kliewer – Assistant to the DA – Fairview, Oklahoma
  • Pam Hunter – Co-Director NGM –  Colton, Oregon
  • Paul Hunter – Director NGM – Colton, Oregon

Board of Directors Uganda

Next Generation Ministries is registered with Non Government (NGO) status with the Nation of Uganda.

  • Pam Hunter – Co-Director, Next Generation  Ministries
  • Paul Hunter – Director, Next Generation Ministries
  • Robert Sityo – Member – Director of Fountain of Hope Ministries, Uganda
  • Jimmy Kiwanuka – Member – Pastor of Jesus Life Church, Jinja, Uganda
  • Jolly Mukooyo – Member – Attorney – Director of CAEVA – Uganda
  • David Waisana – Member – Pastor, Bugembe, Uganda
  • Abdul Wasswa  –